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The Minimal Lamp

The Minimal Lamp

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A Lamp That Creates a Unique Ambience for You!

Light Up Your Room Like Never Before!

Our Minimal Lamp is a freestanding floor lamp designed to fill a corner with a ambient glow. This minimalist design ‘disappears’ when not in use, then has a dramatic presence when turned on.

It has a captivatingly slender vertical silhouette that is so delicate as to be almost invisible when switched off.

When switched on, it provides pleasant and glare-free light. A minimalist design that skillfully plays with proportions and makes clever use of technology.

Colorful RGB, you can control the RGB and brightness remotely;


Our lamp was designed so that it is functional and space-saving and at the same time is a nice tuning point.

Package Include(s):

  • 1 x The Minimal Lamp
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