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SuperBomb Pro

SuperBomb Pro

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  • A toy tank that launches waterbomb
  • Great bonding toy for parents and child
  • A fun remote control toy car for kids and adults
  • Improve hand-eye coordination, motor functions, and quick thinking
  • Encourage outdoor fun for the whole family

Introducing SuperBomb Pro, a remote-controlled battle tank that drive on all kinds of terrain, race, drift, move sideways, rotate 360, and shoot bullets filled with water.

This SuperBomb Pro is capable of adapting to any terrain with a 360° rotating function and aimed fire with a 180° turret rotation.  It is perfect for multiplayer action, war adventures and even simulate military drills at home or anywhere you like.

This non-interfering remote controllers make multi-player battle scenarios possible, promote socialization skills, tickle the imagination, and encourage fun-filled hours spent outside.
With this SuperBomb Pro, kids will look forward to playing outdoors.


Material: PVC
Size: 29 x 16 x 10.5cm
Playing Time: 35 minutes


1 x SuperBomb Pro
1 x Remote Control
1 x Battery (1pcs or 2pcs)
1 x USB Charger
1 x Target
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Water Bomb Pellets (1000 PCS)
1 x Watches (If chosen)
1 x User Manual

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Have a Question?


Will it work on snow?

That's challenging because even real SUV needs to work hard to cross snowy road. You may try to play it on watery snow, it should work somehow. 

How far will it shoot?

It depends on the slope gradient when it runs around outdoor. Normally 17ft at least and above, 32ft to 65ft as its instant performance. 

How fast will it go?

It's about 15 Km/h or 13.65 ft/s on flat earth. But it may be faster or slower, depends on the earth environmental status like gravel or different gradient on slope. 

How do I get the hand gesture controller to work?

There's a transparent electric resistance slice at back of the gesture controller, pull it out to activate the battery. Then press the power on button at the top of the gesture controller about 3 seconds, thus it is activated now. Wear it with hand and finger, press the small button on the finger to shoot. Enjoy the play!